Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Card For A Birthday Boy!

Today is my sweet Hubby's birthday!
I made him this card...

Hoje e' o niver do meu querido maridao!
Fiz este cartao pra' ele...

My son loved it! 
And you know you got it right when your son likes it, right?

That's it for today blogging.
Off to spend time with the birthday boy : )


Meu filho gostou!
A gente sabe que fez direitinho se o filho chega e fala que ficou legal,certo?

Chega de blogging por hoje.
Vamos celebrar o dia com o nosso querido aniversariante : )



  1. Great card- I'm presuming your hubby has a good sense of humour!!

  2. Hi Keren! He's a nice guy....and he loved the card!! Yay!!
    Thanks for stopping by and leave me a sweet comment!
    Have a lovely week : )